Domain & Webhosting Services

Today, the most common business solutions are found on the web. However, web presence requires safe and reliable domain and web hosting to achieve and maintain its benefits. Collaboration with TechSwiss will guarantee you the secure storage of confidential customer information, financial transactions, and any other form of sensitive data your company may be communicating through our servers. The server platform is chosen to suit your personalized needs in order to provide the best functionality and security to your web design. Reliability is realized by a high level of uptime because your website must always be available to your customers.  We concern ourselves with your satisfaction. Therefore, convenient 24/7 online technical support is easily available to every client.

When it comes to your personal or business assets being handed off to someone else you have every reason to be diligent in your search. If you plan on building an ecommerce web hosting solution, you will be trusting numerous daily transactions with your web hosts. PayPal transactions, credit card transactions, confidential customer names and contact information will all be stored on your web hosting server. That's why security, reputation, reliability and customer support are critical elements to look for when deciding on your web hosting services.

In addition to the trust factor involved there is also the technical factor. What server platform does the host run? Is it Windows NT based or Linux/Unix? This may or may not mean a lot to you, but it will make a big difference to your finished website, functionality, design and security. Unix web hosting is particularly advantageous in regards to security. Many experts agree, when it comes to web hosting services, security is of the utmost importance. Linux is open source, which means the software is free to the public. This is a major advantage over NT based systems, which require costly investments in software and development packages.

A professional web site hosting provider must guarantee you a high level of uptime. It means that your website will always be accessible to your clients. A reliable web hosting services provider must do his best to avoid any malfunctions.

A level of technical support should also be taken into consideration. It happens that many web site hosting services providers don't actually provide the 24/7 support they are boasting they have. There are different kinds of the support, but the most widespread is a 24/7 online support. It’s better to choose those web hosting companies that provide online technical support. It's more convenient. Of course one of the key factors is how quickly they respond to your request.