IT-Business Marketing Products

The quality of promotional items bearing your company logo reflects the kind of service one can expect to get from you.

It's important to avoid sending the wrong message by using low-grade materials, ordering shoddy print-jobs, and displaying a general lack of effort.

This is the opportunity to project the virtuous qualities your company is all about. Choosing practicality over gimmicky increases the frequency your logo will be viewed by whomever is in possession of your promotional item.  A foundational marketing principle is that a person is more likely to do business with a name they know. Since names which are readily recalled are usually market leaders being amongst those names necessarily elevate your ranking. Advertising through promotional items is highly cost-effective compared with most other methods of advertising since the price-per-exposure is in general extremely low. Studies have also shown that promotional items increase a company's likability. Recipients of these gifts tend to reciprocate with their business.

TechSwiss offers practical, cost-effective solutions through well-chosen quality concepts that will generate positive publicity to create a good first and long-lasting impression.