Mobile Application Development & Services
Palm device

All-in-one mobile devices represent the next generation of convenience. The increasingly powerful hardware allows these gadgets to harness the power of most desktops.

However, the varying systems on these devices create inherent difficulties when attempting to transfer your favourite programs and applications to a new platform. Their physical properties require creating a new graphical user interface or modifying the existing one to properly recreate the application environment with a special attention to not over-complicating the controls.

Creating the right environment requires a familiarity with handheld style sheets and recognizing the various browsers found on most handheld devices to display navigable content with all functionality included. Successfully deploying a usable mobile web-design requires knowing what your customers are likely to be doing on your website and then identifying the most pertinent information to display. TechSwiss works with clients to address these and other issues to create the ideal mobile-application solution. We are devoted to playing an integral role in this burgeoning field by bringing your ideas to the mobile domain.