Web Security

Over the past few years, the web has developed beyond the common security measures which worked to great effect in the past. An increasingly dynamic web experience brings with it security holes which can manifest serious problems. You protect your papers by using safes, locking doors, installing security alarms, hiring guards, screening employees. What security measures have you implemented to protect your data? Sadly, none of the above security measures are enough to protect you from cyber-theft. There are however alternative methods that enable your company to use the internet and protect precious corporate information. TechSwiss will team with you to assess the risks, analyze the threats to your system, and develop a security solution. We keep up with the latest developments in web-security so you don't have to.

Customers trust that their confidential information is safe in your hands. Every business is based on that initial condition. The demands of the customer on the usage of their information are great and it is an obligation to make it your top priority. Recent examples of customer information being exposed due to poor security practices have had significant effect on those companies' ability to make money.

Restricting employee access to data can hinder their job performance. However, employees do pose a significant threat whether they intend it or not. Securing the company from the internal threats is therefore also a priority.

TechSwiss is there to handle your security responsibilities and let you get back to thinking about business.

Information Security
• Integrity of files MD5, CRC32
• RSA Cryptography
• SMTP Gateway (forbidden words)
• SMTP Gateway (Antivirus Filter)
• SMTP Gateway (Antispam filter)

Integrity of files
MD5: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MD5
HMAC: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAC


SMTP Gateway

SMTP Antivirus Filter
ClamAV: http://www.clamav.net/
OpenAntiVirus: http://www.openantivirus.org/index.php
In order to test the antivirus, you can find some information here (includes “infected” files):

SMTP Antispam Filter